Google Summer of Code 2007

Because of some organization problems, Casetta will not participate to the Google Summer of Code. Sorry.

The content of this page is outdated.

The Casetta project will participate to the Google Summer of Code 2007. This program funds students to work on free softwares projects.

This page describe some ideas for students interested to participate at the Casetta project, provide some informations about mentors and student proposals.

Student skills

All programs of the Casetta project are written in python, so it's better if the produced code is also in python. Transfers with a calculator are done with serial or USB connections, so it may be useful to have a knowledge of how those connections works.

Casetta_gtk, the GUI of casetta, is written with GTK, GTK and Glade. Those component are easy to learn, but a knowledge of those is better.

Because this project work with casio calculator hardware, it may be useful to have a model of those calculators. But some work may be done without any calculator.

Proposal ideas

(All ideas are based on the version 0.3 of Casetta, the current development version of Casetta which may be released or almost finished in the early summer of 2007.)

Casio Graph 35/65 compatibility

(Work into the casetta python module)

This is the main goal of the project. The aim of this project is to replaced red mention by green mention if the functionalities table. You must decrypt how proprietary formats work for each kind of data, and write conversion functions. You must also write transfer code for each kind of data. (And remember to write the result of yours searches about proprietaries formats into the casio file format documentation project

Allow casetta_gtk to edit any casio graph 35/65 data

(Work into the GUI, casetta_gtk)

At the end of the 0.3 version, casetta_gtk will be able to edit programs and pictures. But all others data need to be edited : lists, matrix, variables, etc. This projects is to create graphical editor for each data type.

USB communication

(Work into the casetta python module)

Recent models of casio calculator are packaged with an USB cable instead of the traditional serial cable. The aim of this project is to make a transfer tool for the new USB cable. The transfer tool must work on various OS, this may need different code for each OS (Casetta currently support Windows, Linux and other Unixes).

Casio Graph 85/85 SD support

(Work into the casetta python module and casetta_gtk)

The casio Graph 85/85 SD is the last model of casio calculator. It use new data type such as eActivity, has only an USB cable and can handle SD cards. The aim of this project is to support the transfer system of this calculator and add the support of the new data type in casetta. You can also work to add the support of proprietary file formats used for this calculator by FA-124 (g1* files).

Casio Graph 100 support

(Work into the casetta python module)

The casio Graph 100 has another transfer protocol than casio Graph 35/65. The aim of this project is to support the transfer protocol of this calculator, and to adapt Casetta to the Graph 100 specificities (20 lists instead of 6).

Others ideas

  • Working on a MacOS X GUI
  • Make a translator system to convert data from TI calculator (using file formats from TiLP, by example)


Achraf Cherti aka Asher256 (Mentor/project administrator)

Proposal Guidelines

If you want to participated, you must write a proposal ant submit it to Google before the applications deadline. Your proposal should include (adapted from the Perl Foundation proposal):

  • Name
  • Email: Where can we contact you?
  • Project Title
  • Benefits to the Casetta Community
  • Deliverables: Quantifiable results e.g. “Improve X modules in ways Y and Z”
  • Project Schedule: How long will the project take? When can you begin work?
  • Availability: How many hours per week can you spend working on this? What other obligations do you have this summer?
  • Bio: Who are you? What makes you the best person to work on this project?

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