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Roadmap for Casetta 0.4

This roadmap is currently a draft discussed in our mailing-list.

  • Casetta package
    • Needed items
      • Full support of graph 65 (included the support of all g65 data, their support in the transfer tool, and in all file formats)
    • Less important items
      • Picture Extractor from backups (using the Fabien ANDRE's code?)
      • List/Matrix extractor from backup
      • Add the support of all Fa-124 formats (for the compatibility with graph 85/fx-9860G)
    • Optional items
  • Casetta command line interface (casetta_cli)
    • Needed items
      • New arguments parser using the optparse python module
    • Optional items
      • Add the support of the xfer9860 wrapper for command line arguments
  • Gasetta
    • Needed items
      • New arguments parser using the optparse python module
      • Create a list/matrix/etc editor
    • Optional items
      • Improve the picture editor (drag'n drop to draw, etc)
      • Make a 'drawstat editor' to make easily drawstat pictures (if the picture to drawstat function is impossible to create)
      • If the wrapper for xfer9860 work, make a special interface for it (need to display the content of the calculator memory, etc)

Other stuff:

  • Compatibility system, to check if the data to be transferred is compatible with a casio calculator.

Old roadmaps


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