Installation on Microsoft Windows 98

Currently, the installation on Microsoft Windows is complicated and boring. It's possible to make an all-in-one installer, but we have no time to do this. If you want to package Casetta for Microsoft Windows, you are welcome! Please contact us.

Microsoft Windows 98 is unsupported by Microsoft. You should consider to upgrade your system to a more recent version of Windows, or to try another operating system like GNU/Linux. Despite this, if you want to install Casetta on Microsoft Windows 98, you will need to install old and unsupported version of some programs. So, we wont support any installation of Casetta under this operating system.

Installation of dependencies

Due to the lack of package manager under Microsoft Windows, you must install first all needed dependencies.

Warning: you must install the specified version of each program. More recent versions wont work under Microsoft Windows 98.

Installation of Casetta softwares

  1. Download casetta-0.3.0.win32.exe (220K)
  2. Run the downloaded file, and follow the installations instructions
  3. A shortcut for Gasetta should have been created on your desktop and in your start menu

This setup have been tested on Microsoft Windows 98 SE.


Go to the configuration panel, and use the Add and Remove software tool to uninstall Casetta (it should be called python-casetta).


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