Models informations page

This page aim to provide informations about each casio model. Add all useful information (like internal names of all models), and in particular all differences in their data management.

Casio FX 7400G/FX 7450/Graph 20/Graph 25/FX 6910

List of all the functions lacking in Graph25 : [Fr]


  • Does not have the circle sketch instruction
  • Does not have matrix computing
  • Does not have Locate/Getkey instructions

Casio FX 9750G/Graph 30/Graph 35/FX 8930GT

Casio CFX 9850G/CFX 9950/Graph 60/Graph 65/CFX 9930GT/CFX 9940/CFX 99605

It is the only calculator to support colors

Casio FX 9860G/Graph 85

Casio Algebra FX 2.0/Graph 100


  • Does not have the ⇒ instruction (equivalent to if … then) but this instruction works

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