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 +Fxb is the format used by [[http://www.fx-interface.de/products/fxi/f_fxi_info.html|Fx-Interface]] to save backups. This format only allow one backup per file. Fxb files are ended by .fxb
 +Fxb are always build in the same way:
 +  * 278 bytes (the first header of the file, maybe a lot of informations about the calculator)
 +  * 10 0xFF characters (first separator)
 +  * The "GY358" string (second header, always the same with a casio graph 65. Maybe the calculator model ?)
 +  * 2 0xFF
 +  * 6 bytes
 +  * 9 0xFF (second separator)
 +  * Raw data of the backup
 +You can see a header sample (all before raw data) in a hexadecimal view: {{formats:fxbheader.txt|fxbheader.txt}}

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