The Cafix format is the format used by the free command line transfer tool for Linux cafix.

It use a very simply format: the data is stored in the same way as in the calculator (in the raw format), and two metadata (name and kind of data) are stored in the file name. This format is open because the way to obtain it from the raw data is known, but to understand the content of cafix files without a calculator, we need to understand the raw format. Cafix files are ended by .cafix


Cafix save programs in a file named as prog-ProgName.cafix. The content of the file is the raw data. Cafix format don't remember if the program use base operations.


Cafix save backups in a file named as backup-MyBackup.cafix. The content is a dump of the calculator memory.

Pictures / screen captures

Because of cafix bugs, this program cannot receive pictures nor mono screen captures. So this part will only describe how colour screen captures are stored in the cafix format.


Cafix does not understand the colour screen capture data type, so files are always named “unknown-.cafix”.


The content of a cafix colour screen capture file is the raw data of a colour screen capture.


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