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All programs in this page are Copyright © 2006-2007, Casetta authors. See “license” and “authors” files in archives.

All programs in this page are under the terms of the GNU/GPL version 2 or later.

The usage of these programs is in your owns risks! As we know, Casetta work well, but make backups before any usage!

Last stable version: 0.3

Microsoft Windows

Ubuntu GNU/Linux

Thanks to Asher256, you can download Casetta packages for Ubuntu:

Generic installation

(Should work on any operating system.)

  1. Installation of dependencies :
  2. Download the casetta 0.3.0 source code (146K, tar.gz)
  3. Extract it in the directory you want
  4. Run (as root) python install

Next, you will be able to run casetta_cli with the command casetta, and Gasetta with the FreeDesktop menu entry or with the command gasetta.

Older versions

You can find older versions by browsing our release repository. You can also see the statistic of the repository.

Development version

You can browse the subversion repository by WebSVN or download the content with the command svn co svn:// Next, you can download updates with the command svn up. It's an anonymous reading: you have an access in read only.


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