Gasetta user manual


Gasetta let you open you open any Casio file in any format, let you manage your data, and make transfer with your calculator.

Before continuing, you can read instructions about how download and install Gasetta our your system, you can also see the functionalities.

File Management

Gasetta provides standard functionalities to open and save files. You can use it through menus and tool bar. Here are useful tips to have a powerful file management.

How to choice the format of your file

If you want to save your file in a specific format (to open it in a particular software), you must use “File > Save as” and select the format in bottom of the “Save as” window

Importing data

The import function (“File > Import”) let you merge the content of another file into the current file.

Exporting data

If you want to save only some data from the current file to another file, select this data using checkboxes in the data list, then use the export function (“File > Export”).

Transferring data

Gasetta supports the following Casio calculators:

  • Graph 25 / Graph 20 / FX 6910
  • Graph 35
  • Graph 65 / CFX 9850 / CFX 9960

Some others calculator may work as the Graph 100 with the “f4 f5 f6” function, but there are not supported.

Gasetta (and all Casetta softwares) are compatible with following links:


You must first go in the Preferences window (“Edit > Preferences”), in the “Transfer tool” tab, and make sure “Serial link” is checked.

Next you must choice your serial port.

If you are using a serial link

You can try to give the port number (starting to 0). If Gasetta fail to found your serial port, you need to give the name of your port, depending of your operating system. Under GNU/Linux, serial ports are /dev/ttySn, where n starts at 0. Under Microsoft Windows, serial ports are COMn, where n starts at 1.

If you are using an USB link (or a serial link and serial to USB converter)

Under GNU/Linux

Your link will be detected as /dev/ttyUSBn, where n starts to 0. You must give this name to Gasetta.

In some systems, your link may not appear in /dev. Check if the program “brltty” is running, and try to stop it or remove it to get the access to your link.

Under Microsoft Windows

Your link should come with Microsoft Windows drivers. Install them, and your links should appear as a serial link. Then see the serial link part of this documentation.

Receiving data

To receive data, connect your calculator to your computer. Next click the “Receive” button.

In your calculator, select the data you want to transfer, and send them. A progress bar should show the status of your transfer.

At the end, data must appear in the data list on the left.

Sending data

To send data, connect your calculator to your computer.

Select the data you want to transfer by using checkboxes on the data list. Next click the “Send” button.

Put your calculator in the “Receving…” state, then begin the transfer. A progress bar should show the status of your transfer.


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