Mass conversion using Casetta

You may have a lot of Casio file in an old and dirty file format. Casetta may help you, by using little scripts.

Using a Bash script

(For GNU/Linux, *BSD, MacOS X, and other POSIX systems.)

Make a bash script, named - by example -, with this content:

#! /bin/bash
# Convert all file from command line parameters in the newcat format
# Dependency: casetta >= 0.2.0
for casio_file
    new_name="$(echo $casio_file | sed -e 's/\.[^.]\+//').$output_ext";
    $casetta_cmd -n "$casio_file" "$new_name";

You can change the two variables, casetta_cmd (to choice your casetta command, usually “casetta”), and output_ext (to choice the extension of output files, and so their format).

To use this script, go (in command line) in the directory where are the files you want to convert. Next, run the command:

/path/of/the/script/ *.FXI

(Remember to take care of the case!)


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