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0.3.0 release

Nothing for the moment…

0.2.1 release

Wishlist from users

  • Pictures

  1. Xion345 : It may be useful if you add some code to convert a picture (gif,jpeg,png) into a simple casio program with instructions such as F-line, Plot, Circle. (And not into a cat/fxi image)

    ~Thesa: Ok, it's in the casetta-gtk 0.3 roadmap (Probably it will only use plot for the beginning).


  • casetta_gtk

  1. Xion345 : When you activate syntax coloration, the GUI is almost freezing if there are lots of commands in the casio program (on a Athlon 2000+, 512MB RAM, with KDE running).

    ~Thesa: The syntax coloration is highly experimental. I've some problems with pygtk with this. For the moment, I prefer working on more important function. I'll add a warning in the preference window until I improve the function.

  2. Xion345 : When you open a program and then delete it and then open another program, casetta_gtk asks "Do you want to save the program ?".

    ~Thesa: Ok, it will be fixed in the 0.3 version.


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